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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Let It Snow Books: Interview with Jeanette Murray + Giveaway

Today's guest also managed to convert me into a die hard fan of hers with just one book, please give it up for Jeanette Murray who pens the terrific Semper Fi contemporary romance series!

Jeanette: I am so grateful for you guys for choosing  as one of your Best Reads of 2012. Talk about an honor! Thanks for having me. :-)

Stella: Oh I loved  (take a look at my review to see why), so of course I had to spread the word and let my readers know what a fantastic story it is! ;-) So tell us Jeanette, is there anything special you usually do for the holidays?

Jeanette: Honestly, no. Every Christmas seems like a different thing. Hubs has been deployed for several of our holidays. Sometimes we’re with family, sometimes we’re at home doing our own thing. This year, we’re heading to Disney World. So it’s just a go-with-the-flow holiday for us.

Stella: Any special family tradition?

Jeanette: Other than everyone ripping into their gifts as fast as they can, and then getting angry at me because I always go slow and take my time, nope! :-)

Stella: Do you have any favourite holiday themed stories (movies or books)?

Jeanette: I really liked the anthology by Jaci Burton, Shannon Stacey, HelenKay Dimon and Alison Kent. Four short stories but a lot of holiday lovin’.

As far as movies go, my all-time favorite is . I love me some Bing.

Stella: Could you share with us your favourite holiday meal/dessert/candy?

Jeanette: This is pathetic but, my mom always made those Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (you know, from the can?) that we would scarf down on Christmas morning. I still always want cinnamon rolls when I open a gift. :-)

Stella: What’s your favourite thing about the holidays?

Jeanette: Everyone has the day off, so we’re all together! And it’s messy, and loud, and completely disorderly and insane and I love it.

Stella: What makes you feel that Christmas time is finally here?

Jeanette: Once I start crafting for Christmas gifts, then the season is here!

Stella: Please complete: Christmas/the holidays wouldn't be the real deal without...

Jeanette: Seeing my daughter’s face when she opens her first gift that morning.

Stella: Since this whole event is about the Best Books we read in 2012, could you share with us some of your favourite titles you have read this year?

Jeanette: I loved reading a lot of Maya Banks this year, including her latest two . And the last book of Tessa Dare’s was fantastic.

Stella: We all love Christmas holidays, but I was wondering if there’s anything about them that you find annoying?

Jeanette: The fact that stores start putting their holiday crap out before Halloween now. It’s becoming less special when you see the stuff for months and months. I don’t get that “ooooh” tingle when I open our own box of decorations if I’ve been looking at other decorations for months now.

Stella: Let’s say you have the chance to spend the holidays with a fictional character, who would that be and what would you be doing?

Jeanette: I’d totally spend the holidays with Tim and Skye, from . Those two are polar opposites in so many ways, it would be hilarious to watch and see which traditions they tackle and which they leave behind as they’re starting their new life together.

For what it’s worth, I think Tim might just learn a few new things about how a true goddess celebrates the holiday. :-)

Stella: What would you ask Santa to bring you this year?

Jeanette: A pair of mouse ears!

Stella: What would be your (bookish or not) New Year’s resolutions, if you make any?

Jeanette: Not bog myself down with deadlines so much and concentrate on living and exploring our new hometown more!

Thanks so much for asking me to participate. Happy holidays!

Connect with Jeanette and check out her books at her website / Blog /  / Twitter / Goodreads

Book #1 in the Semper Fi series

He's a Marine...she grew up on a commune.

He always puts duty first...she's a free spirit with an unshakable belief in Fate.

He loves routine and order...she brings chaos and creativity wherever she goes.

They're going to balance each other perfectly--or drive each other completely, utterly insane...

On a wild pre-deployment celebration in Las Vegas, Captain Timothy O'Shay encounters free-spirited beauty Skye McDermott, and for once lets down his guard. Now his life is about to take off in directions he never could have imagined...

Buy at  -  - Book Depository

Dan Beckins isn't sure how he let his best friend con him into volunteering to build Santa's Winter Wonderland at the local hospital. He's got no problems with work, but anything Christmas-related is off-limits ever since he lost his parents on Christmas Day years ago. The only bright spot is working with smoking-hot Anna Smith.

Anna Smith loves Christmas and volunteering at the hospital is one of her yearly highlights. She had leukemia as a teen and then a breast cancer scare in her mid-twenties, and is now operating under a self-imposed rule that she can't have a relationship until the doctors give her a clean bill of health.

A little fling might be permissible, though, and sexy lawyer-turned-carpenter Dan seems like the perfect candidate. But when chemistry flares and the two start forming a real connection, will Anna run away before like turns to love?


Jeanette has very generously offered an ebook copy of , her new holiday release to a lucky commenter!

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