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Sunday Treats

Though I intended this blog to be a reading blog, I think that cookies and other snacks go hand in hand with reading, at least for me. I love to curl up in my big armchair with a plate of cookies and a cup of hot chocolate to have near while I'm reading. And since I don't like Sundays (for the very same reason most people dislike them) the threat of Monday is already looming above me, and I feel the precious weekend slipping away way too fast. At least with these little treats Sundays are made sweeter.

In these Sunday Treats posts I will give you some of my favourite recipes to try out and enjoy while reading your current book.

Initially I wanted to call it Sunday Sweets, but that would exclude any salty snacks, so I'll leave the option open and call it Sunday Treats.

You can find all recipes here:

Sweet Treats


Floating Island
Salty Treats

And of course I would love to hear from you. Do you like Sundays? Do you like cooking/baking? What are your favourite recipes? I would be glad to make a recipe exchange and feature your recipes here, you can e-mail me at .