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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Let It Snow Books: Interview with Candis Terry + Giveaway

I am very happy to welcome back to Ex Libris today's special guest as she is not only the author of a super cute and sweet contemporary series I love (the ) but also one of the nicest writers I know! So please give the warmest welcome to Candis Terry and read on as we discuss Christmas, the best present she has given and what is her New Year's resolution for 2013 (oh and also Candis offered one of the most amazing prizes, so make sure to enter to win it!)!

Candis: I am so thrilled to be here today to celebrate the Let It Snow Books 2012 Event!

Stella: It's great to have you back Candis! :-) So tell me, is there anything special you usually do for the holidays? Any special family tradition?

Candis: Since I could stand on a stool and reach the kitchen counter my family has always made rolled sugar cookies. I continue that tradition now with my daughter and granddaughter and my husband likes to join in too. Spreading on the icing and sprinkling the decorations can sometimes become a very gooey, colorful mess. But it is always a blast.

Stella: Do you have any favourite holiday themed stories (movies or books)?

Candis: We always read . As far as Christmas movies go we battle over whose favorite is best. We girls like . The hubby favors . Yeah. Not really a holiday movie, but he watches it every single year and says it beats the .

Stella: Could you share with us your favourite holiday meal/dessert/candy?

Candis: Ummm. If it’s sugar, it’s got my name on it. Just sayin’. But the one thing that definitely brings back wonderful memories is old-fashioned ribbon candy.

Stella: What’s your favourite thing about the holidays?

Candis: I love the family time. Even though our family is very close and we spend a lot of time together, there’s nothing quite like sitting in our den with the fireplace roaring and just being together over a cup of hot chocolate. With mini marshmallows of course!

Stella: What’s one of the best gifts you ever received/gave for Christmas?

Candis: When she was fifteen we gave our daughter a horse named Blue. We actually got him from a feed lot where all he did all day was hang around and move cattle. He became a pretty outstanding 4-H and rodeo queening horse. Of course, if you’d told him we were going to put sparkly things on him and that he’d have to prance down parade routes and ride into arenas with thousands of people watching, he might have pushed those cattle out of the way and taken off for the hills.

Stella: What makes you feel that Christmas time is finally here?

Candis: It’s the lights. The bigger, the brighter, the bolder, the better. We all pile in the car and drive around to see the houses that really do it up big. In our area there are entire neighborhoods that compete. And of course, it’s the first time I hear White Christmas. That’s the song that takes me back to my childhood.

Stella: Please complete: Christmas/the holidays wouldn't be the real deal without...

Candis: Our super fun and wacky dollar gift giving bonanza. As our families grew in size and age, we all decided to do a dollar gift exchange on Christmas Eve. We make a list of all who will be at the celebration then each person goes to the dollar store and purchases gift for each person on the list. The gift must relate to their personality, hobby, job, etc. so each is personalized. We usually gather at my brother-in-laws house for a fantastic meal and then we all sit in a circle and each person opens their bag and takes out one gift at a time. Some of the gifts are silly. Some are ridiculous. But we all laugh and have a great time and it takes the pressure off spending a ton of money or having to search for the “perfect” gift.

Stella: Since this whole event is about the Best Books we read in 2012, could you share with us some of your favourite titles you have read this year?

Candis: I’m currently reading Lori Wilde’s and loving it! Just a few of the others I’ve loved a ton are Suzanne Brockmann’s , Rachel Gibson’s , Jennifer Bernard’s , Coreene Callahan’s , Tessa Dare’s , and Terri Garey’s .

Stella: We all love Christmas holidays, but I was wondering if there’s anything about them that you find annoying?

Candis: Honestly, it’s the shopping. I’m probably breaking some kind of chick rule, but I do not like to shop when someone tells me I have to. I love to shop and give gifts throughout the year. And while I love to see my family open their gifts on Christmas morning, I don’t like being forced to go out and buy, buy, buy before a certain date. Kind of takes all the fun and spontaneity out of it.

Stella: Let’s say you have the chance to spend the holidays with a fictional character, who would that be and what would you be doing?

Candis: Ooooh! I can answer that in a heartbeat. I’d definitely be more than happy to spend New Year’s Eve with Dean Silverthorne (but don’t tell my hubby!), the oh-so-charming NFL quarterback from my book . If you’re new to the , let’s just say Dean has a very special way of lighting up his heroine’s holiday that I find enormously appealing. That is if you don’t mind a little moonlight, champagne, fireworks, and a sexy football hunk.

Stella: What would you ask Santa to bring you this year?

Candis: An automatic coffeemaker that just automatically knows when I’m in desperate need of a nice hot cup of Joe.

Stella: What would be your (bookish or not) New Year’s resolutions, if you make any?

Candis: In the past year and a half I’ve had the 3 and the published by Avon Books and I’ve just completed the first book for my new Sweet, Texas series titled , which will be a July 2013 release. Only one of those was previously written which means I’ve completed 4 new books in under 2 years. And I have a day job. So my New Year’s resolution is not to be so hard on myself if I take a night off to watch mundane TV or read someone else’s book!

I’d love to hear about some of the things that make your holidays bright. And since this event is about the Best Books we read in 2012, please share some of your favorites. I’d love to make my to-be-read pile even bigger!

A randomly selected commenter will be chosen to receive the collection of (, , and . Offer is open to U.S. and International readers!

Candis Terry is the author of the Sugar Shack novels—a trio of small town romances rich with memorable love stories, quirky characters, and tons of fun. Born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California, Candis now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers to working as a graphic designer. Only one thing has remained constant: Candis’ passion for writing stories about relationships, the push and pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily ever after.

You can find Candis at her website / /  / Goodreads 

 (Book #1)

Kate Silver’s back in town, and her dead mother just won’t leave her alone.

Kate usually spends her days dressing Hollywood A-listers, but after her estranged mother dies she finds herself elbow-deep in flour in her parents’ bakery... in Deer Lick, Montana. She thought she’d left small-town life far, far behind, but it seems there are a few loose ends.

The boy she once loved, Deputy Matt Ryan, is single and sexy and still has a thing for her... and handcuffs.

Her mother, who won’t follow the white light, is determined to give maternal advice from beyond the grave.

And somehow Kate’s three-day stay has, well... extended. She never planned to fill her mother’s pie-baking shoes—she prefers her Choos, thank you very much. But with the help of a certain man in uniform, Kate quickly learns that sometimes second chances are all the more sweet.

Buy at  -  - Book Depository

 (Book #2)

Dean Silverthorne’s mother may be dead, but she still has matchmaking to do.

When an injury dashes NFL Quarterback Dean Silverthorne’s Super Bowl dreams, he heads back to Deer Lick, Montana with a chip on his wounded shoulder and more determined than ever to get back in the game. He loves his kooky family, but his trip home is nothing but a very brief Christmas visit.

His game plan didn’t include an instant attraction to Emma Hart, a feisty kindergarten teacher who seems to be the only person in Deer Lick not interested in the hometown hero. Or his dearly departed mom popping up with mistletoe in hand and meddling on the mind. Now Dean can’t help but wonder if there’s more to love than life between the goal posts.

Buy at  -  - Book Depository

 (Book #3)

Welcome Back to the Sugar Shack!

Straitlaced . . .

Chicago prosecutor Kelly Silverthorne has a perfect record in the courtroom and a big fat zero in the bedroom. When she loses her first case ever, she returns home to Deer Lick, Montana, to regain her confidence and shake off the "Sister Serious" moniker she's been stuck with since childhood. Only a few hours into her repentance, karma thrusts her face-to-face with yet another of her major fiascos—a one-night stand with the hottest cop in the county.

Rebel with a Cause . . .

Deputy James Harley has always played with fire. When smart and sexy Kelly pops back into his life, he doesn't mind going for a full burn. And that might be exactly what happens when his past threatens to catch up with his future.

A Match Made in . . .

Heaven only knows what Kelly's dearly departed mom has planned from the other side—especially since she's already meddled in Kelly's siblings' love lives. But even heaven knows that when love comes.

Buy at  -  - Book Depository


Candis has very generously offered a whole set of the  (, and to a lucky reader!

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