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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Guest post by Enid Wilson + Giveaway

Today Enid Wilson is back at Ex Libris to tell you about her latest release, , a verry sexy historical romance and also brings you a fun game :-) So read on you could even win a copy of 

Thank you Stella for hosting me again, so close after my last book Close Encounters with a Martian Hunk.

This time I’m going to talk about my sexy historical romance .

How about we do a quiz? I will put the book blurb and an excerpt here. At the end, I will ask you three questions about it for a chance to win a copy of the ebook.

When a maiden sees into her future...

Impoverished country gentlewoman Claire Hastings can see into the future with a crystal ball. It is a blessing... but not always.

After she meets rich and handsome Jonathan Davies, she starts to see visions of a man coupling with different women. When the man turns out to be Davies and the “women” turn out to be Claire herself, she has the shock of her life. Is she fated to become his mistress, or is Davies a rake imposing on her?

Davies doesn’t want to be attracted to this country mouse but Claire's presence tempts him every moment they are together. When he is blackmailed with scandalous sketches of him with a woman who looks like Claire, he is furious. Is Claire working with the blackmailer?

Buy at - Smashwords

And here is the promised excerpt :


When she entered the library, she gasped. It was the same library she had seen in the crystal ball! Yet it was not. The room itself, like the positions of the shelves, the size and prospect of the windows, was exactly the same as those she had seen in the crystal ball. Even the desk was the same. She suddenly realized why she felt this room had been so familiar in her vision. She had visited the Madley Lodge library when she was very young. The library had been in the same physical state in the past, in the present and in the future; but the decorations were different. In the present, the room had more useless things than books. There were luxurious statues, vases and even screens. Everything was expensively furnished, yet without good taste or style. The desk was the same colour as it had been in the past, and was in a similar state of disarray as it appeared in the future.

Claire’s eyes were drawn to the ladder, to the left of the desk. Her legs seemed to have a mind of their own, for they moved toward the ladder without instruction from her brain. She stood in front of it, and put out her hands to touch the sides. She shook it, and it seemed very sturdy. Unable to stop herself, she climbed a few steps and sat on the same step against which the courtesan had set her behind. Her petite form fit well, though it wasn’t the most comfortable sitting position. Without noticing what she was doing, she leaned back on the ladder and sat with her legs slightly apart, her feet resting on the next step to support her weight.

She closed her eyes and thought back of the image imprinted in her mind. So the couple I saw was mating in this library in the future. Who are they? It could not be Mr. Blackwood as he has blond hair. It could not be his brother-in-law, Mr. Hunt, as he looks fatter and shorter than that man. It could only be… Mr. Davies! Suddenly she felt hot and embarrassed at putting his face to the man she admired so much. This cannot be! He is so standoffish and so stiff. How could he be so passionate and so wild as to make love to a woman in a bath and on a ladder? And in such awkward positions! Not to mention kneeling down and kissing a woman’s… No! No! It could not be Mr. Davies. Some of the furniture remains the same as now, but the crude decorations are gone in the future. That means the house has been rented out again. That must be it. Madley Lodge has been leased to another family. The man in the crystal ball is not Mr. Davies!

“Miss Hastings, are you well?” The voice of Mr. Davies, up close, startled her. She opened her eyes and was confronted by the man in her thoughts. He was standing just a few inches from her with a look of concern and puzzlement. His manly smell flooded her senses. Their eyes were level. She noticed for the first time he had deep dark eyes, a straight, noble nose and an extremely handsome face. His ears were enchanting. She did not understand why she wanted to touch his earlobes, let alone kiss and suckle them.

Her unruly and wanton thoughts made her face turn bright red with embarrassment. She realised how improper she had been, sitting with her legs apart on the ladder with her dress hiked up slightly, while Mr. Davies stood close enough for her to wrap her legs around his waist.

Buy at - Smashwords

Well, I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. To win an ebook copy of just answer my three questions:

1. What is the position of the ladder in the library?
2. Name an item in the library (besides books, desk, chair and the ladder).
3. What is the name of the estate where the library is?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 20 December 2012.

Please spread the words about my books and happy reading! You can check out my books at SteamyDarcy.

Good luck!