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Review Policy

Review Policy

Hi and welcome to Ex Libris!

Thank you for your interest in having your book spotlighted on Ex Libris. I am accepting books for review and I am also happy to do author/book promotion, interviews, guest posts, contests/giveaways and blog tours.

Please feel free to e-mail me at  with review requests including description of the book, genre, title, your affiliation to the book (author/publisher/other), website and contact information.

If I am interested, I will respond to your request at my earliest possible convenience. A non-response after 7-10 days may be taken as a respectfully declined offer.

I have many books on my TBR list but I will do my best to read and review your book as soon as possible, however it could take up to 2-3 months seeing how busy I am with current review requests. But if you would like me to make your novel a priority or if the release day is approaching, please tell me so and I will do my best to accommodate you.

My acceptance of a book is not a guarantee for a review. Please be aware that I am under no obligation to promote or review a book that I have received from an author or publisher. I reserve the right to refuse to do a review if I feel I wouldn't do justice to the book either because I don't have the necessary time or the book is not my cup of tea.

If I do review your book it will be an honest review - either positive or negative.

All reviews posted on this blog are also posted on Goodreads,  and .

I will post in additional places upon request (Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, etc.).

You can view my stats by clicking the Sitemeter button at the bottom of the page.

Genres I like and review:

Urban Fantasy
Historical Romance
Contemporary Romance
Paranormal Romance
Chick Lit
Suspense - Mystery

I am an eclectic reader and I am always open and willing to consider and try out other genres, however I do not review memoirs, self-help books, philosophical or religious books.

Please note that I do not read series out of order!

All reviews posted on this site are my own honest opinions of the books. My reviews are based on my enjoyment of the novel.

You can view all my reviews here.


The books I have reviewed on this blog - unless expressly stated otherwise - were either purchased with my own money, won through a contest (will specify where I won it) or given as a gift from publisher/author in exchange of an honest review (if this is the case I will note it in the review). I do not receive any monetary compensation for any reviews posted on this blog. Any print books, ARCs, or ebooks given to me will not be sold and will be kept personally or given away to my readers in giveaways with permission of the author/publisher.  

All reviews are copyright of Ex Libris.

Rating System

Ratings are determined based on my enjoyment of the book. When rating a book I give overall, plot, characters, ending, writing, and cover ratings on all of my reviews. To give more nuance and detail to my rating, the category ratings are on a scale of 10 while the overall grade to make it simpler is on a scale of 5.

Because of the Latin blog name the rating scale will be Latin themed too*:

5 stars: Novellus Perfectus! (Brilliant books, a MUST! Loved these!)
4 stars: Novellus Superbus! (Great books! You shouldn't miss out on these)
3 stars: Novellus Bonus! (Enjoyed reading these, nice books)
2 stars: Novellus Malus! (Not too good or not my cup of tea)
1 star: Novellus Horrendus! (Awful, I wish I hadn't wasted time reading these!)

The grades do not automatically  reflect the quality of the novel but my personal feelings and how much I enjoyed reading it.

* I know that these aren't the grammatically correct forms in Latin, but I opted for universally understandable rather than grammatically correct appellations.