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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Book Review: Busted by Sydney Somers

Title: Busted
Author: Sydney Somers
Series: Book #3 in the Promise Harbor Wedding series
Release Date: 16 April 2013
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Source: ebook copy provided by the author for review
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, , Samhain, Read an excerpt

Grade: 5 stars

Novellus Perfectus!
Goodreads appetizer: His game... her rules.

The Promise Harbor Wedding, Book 3

Hockey star Jackson Knight has a hundred reasons not to return to Promise Harbor, but none of them are good enough to get him out of attending his best friend’s wedding. Even with a career-ending knee injury, every puck-bunny in town will be gunning for him.

Worse, getting a pair of cuffs slapped on him at the bachelor party could ruin any chance of getting back in the game, even as a coach. Unless he can convince the arresting officer to smooth things over—by going to the wedding as his date.

Hayley Stone figures posing as Jackson’s girlfriend is the least she can do to salvage his reputation. Plus, having a man with a toe-curling smile on her arm will keep her ex off her back.

What starts as a simple plan to deflect small-town pot-shots unexpectedly becomes a sizzling night that hits Jackson like a full-body-check to the heart. Now he’s determined to prove that she’s the best of reason of all to come home—for good.

Warning: Contains a fiery powerplay both on and off the ice, skin-tingling forced intimacy, interfering grandparents, bear costume hijinks, a haunted house and the kind of game-changing chemistry worth fighting for.

My Thoughts: If you follow the blog you might remember that I love wedding romances and have been reviewing the Promise Harbor Wedding series (you can already read my reviews of Jilted by Kelly Jamieson and Bolted by Meg Benjamin, and I'll review Hitched by Erin Nicholas next week).

Busted is the third book in the series and so far it was my absolute favourite! You want to know why? Well who could resist a sexy hockey player who lays on the charm heavily, a sassy cop heroine, and chemistry so explosive you'll constantly get those shivers of delight *mmm*? Well most certainly not me, and I bet you won't either.

Jackson Knight, hockey celebrity and Promise Harbor's Golden Boy, is back in town as best man for Josh's wedding. But although the wedding doesn't happen he just can't seem to leave. Mostly because of a sassy blonde feisty woman who isn't impressed by his fame and glory and crosses swords (or rather handcuffs) often with him. Jackson was a hero the reader fell in love with in no time: it wasn't his good looks (though they didn't hurt ;-)) but his charming, witty personality and his warm heart.

Hayley was a breath of fresh air heroine: despite being a cop she wasn't a hardened too tough person, she retained her femininity and a certain vulnerability that didn't clash at all with how well she performed her job. Her sass and smart mouth, and the way she stood up to Jackson made me laugh out loud several times:

“I’m listening,” she prompted, not all that happy about it. If he didn’t enjoy pushing her buttons so much, he’d kiss her again.

“You need help. I need something to keep my hands busy.”

“As much as I appreciate how eager you are to volunteer your bra removal services, I’m not interested.”

“I’m talking about the renovations on your gramps’s house.”

“Oh.” She didn’t glance away despite the flicker of pink on her cheeks.
She stood next to him in jeans and a T-shirt that read, Feel safe at night. Sleep with a cop. It had taken him a couple minutes to stop laughing long enough to tell her he loved it.
Same with me, I almost choked on the bus when I read it! :-D

“There were never any girls in here with me. Not in any locker room.” He’d always been careful to keep hockey separate from his love life. And now he couldn’t imagine ever separating Hayley from that part of himself. What would it have been like to come home from a game to her? Would she have helped to ice his bruises and kissed them all better? Probably after she told him to nail the other guy’s ass to the boards next time.

As you can get a glimpse from the quote below the chemistry between Jackson and Hayley was phenomenal:
People moved around them in search of a table, but he didn’t take his eyes off her, giving him plenty of time to slip an arm around her back when she pressed up against him. She lifted a hand to his face, her palm sliding along his jaw as she rose up to kiss him. Soft and sweet, her mouth opened over his, coaxing him to return the kiss. She didn’t have to try very hard. The taste of her awakened a fierce craving for more. More of her hair tickling his skin, more of her fingers curling around his nape and digging in, more of her breath catching between each pass of his mouth across hers.

And what made their story even more outstanding was that Sydney Somers made it so much more than physical attraction: there was friendship, understanding, support and love all rolled into the mix besides the lust part and that's what made Busted such a fantastic and truly memorable love story.

Verdict: I loved Busted. It was flirty, funny, sexy and witty and full of heart-warming scenes. I really couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than reading this lovely small town romance. Busted was an instant hit and Sydney Somers just became a must read author for me. I urge you to pick up this series and to discover Sydney Somers in case you aren't a fan of hers already. ;-)

With such glowing praise how could I give Busted anything else than 5 stars? So Busted gets the 5 shining smexy stars it deserves!

Review originally posted at Book Lovers Inc.

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Writing: 10/10
Ending: 9/10
Cover: 9/10 - almost perfect but I would imagine a hockey player to have wider shoulders and more muscle than the cover model.

Order of the series:

Book #1 - Jilted by Kelly Jamieson
Book #2 - Bolted by Meg Benjamin
Book #3 - Busted by Syndey Somers
Book #4 - Hitched by Erin Nicholas - to be released on April 30th!

Buy it: