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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Guest post by Cathryn Cade + Giveaway

Please join me in welcoming to Ex Libris today Cathryn Cade, who stops by to celebrate the release of , the latest novel in her exciting Hawaiian Heroes series which combines sizzling romance and nail-biting action all set in the beautiful Hawaiian islands! Join us as Cathryn talks about what hidden dangers vacations may bring and if you share your own experience you could even win a copy of any of the Hawaiian Heroes books! :-)

Vacations can be Dangerous
by Cathryn Cade

Hi, I'm Cathryn Cade. I write red hot romance for Samhain and myself (self-pub). I'm here to tell you, I'm doing my part to make May 'One Hot Little Month'.

My husband and I were lucky enough to visit Maui for the last 2 weeks of April. We stayed in a condo on Sugar Beach, Kihei. Here's a shot of the view from our lanai.

We flew from Montana, then Seattle. When you sit in a waiting area and then on a 6 hour flight, you remember some people. You see them around the island in restaurants and at the beaches. We even ended up in the same condo as some nice folks from Spokane, Washington.

But, the poor woman was injured when trying to right a big wooden paddling canoe on the beach. She passed the last few days in Maui in a wheelchair! She'll be okay after some physical therapy, nothing torn or broken, but she did not enjoy the end of her vacation.

Back in the Maui airport to fly home, we recognized another man from our plane, now wearing a cast on one arm. He'd slipped on the rocks in a popular snorkeling bay. Yet another man was on crutches—stepped off a curb in Lahaina, a popular shopping area, and sprained his ankle.

Wow, who knew the tropics were so dangerous? I feel lucky to have come home in one piece, especially as I'm a klutz. Now, that's reality.

The heroine and hero of , debuting today at Samhain, face dangers in paradise, but of an entirely different kind. 'Cause who wants to read about falling off a curb?

I'd much rather my Hawaiian Heroes and heroines faced exciting dangers, such as a vile LA cartel that wants to hide their drug profits in a huge new development on the pristine South Kona coast of the Big Island. Right next door to the private family beach enclave of the Ho'omalu family.

The land has been in the family for hundreds of years, and is protected not only by the laws of Hawaii, but the power of Pele, goddess of Hawaiian volcanoes. Pele has tasked the Ho'omalu family with protecting her islands while she sleeps, and gifted them with powers to call upon her island to help.

Book #4 in the Hawaiian Heroes series

Her powers could save her island…or bring their love crashing down.

Despite her successful career, Lalei Kai-Ho’omalu has always considered herself mere decoration in a dynamic Hawaiian family, with none of their powerful gifts. Destined for life in the background as a useless, upper-crust wife.

Desperate to escape her mother’s latest matchmaking attempt, Lalei acts on her sizzling attraction to a guest at her cousin’s island wedding, making him a bold offer he can’t refuse.

A no-strings, no-holds-barred affair on Nawea Bay with the sexy Hawaiian beauty is just the break California Realtor Jack Nord needs from his fast-paced career—and an inner darkness he’d like to forget. Just for a while.

Their very public liaison is the shocking declaration of independence Lalei intended—with unintended consequences. Stirred to anger by developers set on carving her family’s unspoiled ancestral lands into a resort, Lalei discovers she has the supernatural power to stop them.

But when Jack learns his lover can bring down the rain and throw bolts of lightning, whose side will he take? The money-making machine? Or the woman born to protect her island home?

Warning: A wahine whose real estate may be too hot to handle, and a Realtor who’s determined to seal the deal.

Read an excerpt

Buy at  - B&N - Samhain

'Aue! Wow! Now, wouldn't you rather face that kind of exciting danger than slipping on rocks, or a curb? Nah, probably best to leave the drug smugglers between the pages.

But have you ever had a vacation turn to disaster because you or a companion was injured? Or maybe you lost your luggage or got stuck in an airport. Vacations can be awesome, or really stressful.

Leave a comment and I'll enter you to win a FREE copy of your choice of the Hawaiian Heroes' series.

And stop by my blog to see the other authors heating up May into 'One Hot Little Month'.

Cathryn Cade
... red hot romance!
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Cathryn Cade writes red hot romance for Samhain Publishing, including The Orion Series, an acclaimed sci fi futuristic series, and her Hawaiian Heroes. Her new series, Club 3, light BDSM romance debuts at Samhain in October.

Cathryn has also begun self-publishing new sci fi futuristic series. Her FREE novella, Heart of Stone, debuted at #1 on Amazon. Look for it there, and wherever ebooks are sold. Stark Pleasure, Bk 1 of The LodeStar series will debut later in May. Be the first to know by joining Cathryn at:


Cathryn has generously offered a copy of winner's choice of her Hawaiian Heroes' series to a lucky commenter!

To be entered just leave a comment and tell us about one of your vacation disasters. 

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 17 May 2013!

Good Luck!