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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Guest post by Jess Haines + Giveaway

Please join me in welcoming back to Ex Libris the wonderful Jess Haines , who is once again celebrating the release od her latest novel in the : ! Jess once again doesn't come alone, she brings with herself an array of characters from the H&W series, so please give them a warm welcome and don't forget to enter the terrific giveaways at eth end! ;-) 


Stop 13: Do Vampires and Werewolves Have to Deal With Pests?
by Jess Haines and E. Blix

Hello there! Jess Haines here. I’m the author of the H&W Investigations series—urban fantasy novels about Shiarra Waynest, a human private investigator in an alternate, present-day New York. Somehow she keeps getting pulled into supernatural troubles way above her pay grade…

Today my SILENT CRAVINGS co-author is here to help wrangle a few of our characters into explaining what kinds of pests vampires and werewolves have to deal with. Shiarra, the main character from the H&W Investigations series, is here with a few of her friends to discuss it. Take it away, guys!


Analie: Like Mothers Against Others or ticks? Because both are a problem.

Shiarra: Ew, ticks and fleas?

Royce: I do wish whoever kept booking these ridiculous interviews would give us a topic that, if not stimulating, was at least coherent.

Shiarra: Hey, I’m curious over here. You guys get fleas? Seriously?

Christoph: No, not fleas. We’re not furry 24/7 and we take showers. But ticks are a problem to anyone who runs around in the woods.

Analie: The anti-Other groups aren’t really a huge problem. They do make it a little uncomfortable for us sometimes, like when they wave signs around that say things like, “bad dog, go home.”

Christoph: Or when the really crazy ones attack you with silver. Check out this scar.

Royce: I won’t incriminate myself by giving any details about what happened the last time a hunter attacked me, but I can assure you it wasn’t pleasant.

Shiarra: Awesome. Never sleeping again, thanks.

Analie: Hey, we can’t go around murdering people willy-nilly, you know. We’re sort of trying to be accept- Christoph, put your pants on. I thought the scar was on your arm.

Christoph: No, that’s the one that crazy bitch left when she tried to exorcise the wolf-demon from within. The big one is up on my leg, near the hip. See?

Analie: Uh…yeah. That’s…

Royce: Public indecency. We’re not in the club.

Shiarra: I don’t mind.

Royce: Oh, really now?

Shiarra: Err… Actually, never mind. Clothes, dude. You’re a person, not a—well, hell. There’s no way I can finish that sentence without sounding ten kinds of wrong.

Christoph: Oh, fine.

Analie: Anyway, everyone’s got pests even if they’re not the blood-sucking type—

Christoph: Um—

Royce: That’s not—

Analie: I didn’t mean that! When I said blood-sucking I mean, like, ticks! Not, you know—‘cause I have no problem with vampires, I mean, I live with vampires, I know a lot of really nice vampires—

Christoph: Shhh, you’re trying too hard.

Shiarra: You’re turning as red as my hair. Yeesh.

Royce: It’s fine. Nothing I haven’t heard before. We’re often compared to leeches, ticks, and other blood-sucking pests.

Analie: But do you ever… you know… have to deal with ticks or anything like that?

Royce: No. Ticks and mosquitoes have no taste for vampiric flesh. Perhaps the way we metabolize the blood bears too similar a resemblance and they see us as one of their own.

Shiarra: Maybe, but no mosquito has ever charmed the pants off someone.

Royce: Well, I’ve had practice.

Analie: Am I old enough to be hearing about this?

Shiarra: Probably not. But that’s—never mind! Royce, what the hell?

Royce: Ms. Waynest, I know you have your moments of naiveté, but don’t tell me you expect that I’ve remained chaste in the few thousand years of my existence.

Shiarra: No, but I thought you had more tact than to trumpet your conquests in public, mister “Oooh, I’ve been alive for thousands of years, I know better than you.”

Christoph: Eh, you’ll forgive him the next time he charms the pants off you.

Analie: Oh. Um. I should probably do homework. Now.

Christoph: Just sayin’.

Shiarra: I… wish I could argue that.

Royce: You know I am not thoughtless when and where it counts.

Shiarra: Yeah, yeah. Rub it in.

Christoph: That’s what she said.


Vampires and werewolves. Living together. Mass hysteria!

Ahem. I hope you enjoyed this taste of the characters you’ll meet in my books! For the next stop on the blog tour, be sure to visit the official FORSAKEN BY THE OTHERS blog tour calendar!
You can also visit me on the web:

Thanks again for having me, Stella!

Book #5 in the H&W Investigations series

The Others–vampires, werewolves, things that go chomp in the night–don’t just live in nightmares anymore. They’ve joined with the mortal world. And for private investigator Shiarra Waynest, that means mayhem…

Have a one night stand with a vampire, and you can end up paying for it for eternity. P.I. Shiarra Waynest, an expert on the Others, knows that better than most. Yet here she is, waking up beside charismatic vamp Alec Royce with an aching head…and neck. Luckily, Shia has the perfect excuse for getting out of town–namely, a couple of irate East Coast werewolf packs who’d like to turn her into a chew toy.

On Royce’s suggestion, Shia temporarily relocates to Los Angeles. But something is rotten–literally–in the state of California, where local vampires are being attacked by zombies. Who could be powerful enough to control them–and reckless enough to target the immortal? Following the trail will lead Shia to a terrifying truth, and to an ancient enemy with a personal grudge…

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