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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Guest post by Synithia Williams + Giveaway

Please give a warm welcome to Synithia Williams who stops by Ex Libris to talk about the main trope in her latest novel, , namely that opposites attract. :-D Read on to see how she incorporated this in her story and if you answer her question you could even win her book!

Opposites Attract: The Virgin and Playboy
by Synithia Williams

I believe opposites attract. Not just because Paula Abdul made an awesome song about that back in the 80s, but because opposite personalities often balance each other out. A passive person can get an extra bit of oomph from dating someone more aggressive. The beer and pizza lover can learn to put down the Budweiser and pick up a nice Merlot when dating a wine lover. So, it’s no surprise that I wrote a romance novel where the hero and heroine are total opposites.

In my novel, , I pair a virgin with a playboy. This situation isn’t new in romance. Some may even say it’s fairly boring. But I wanted to take a different approach with my virgin heroine and heartbreaker of a man. Many of the virgins in romances are young. I took a bold leap and made my virgin older. Like, turning thirty older. While a thirty year old virgin may not be common, I do believe they exist. And for a woman still saving herself for marriage and nearing thirty, I would imagine dating to be hard.

Not that I’m saying anything is wrong with waiting that long. But it must be difficult telling every man she dates that if he wants things to progress he better call the preacher and get her to the nearest altar. That’s the situation I put my heroine Tasha Smith in. She’s had a string of bad relationships; not because the men cheated on her or needlessly broke her heart, but because men were either turned off by the idea of a virgin or overly eager to be her first.

So what’s a strong willed modern woman to do when faced with that situation? Find the best guy to free her of the nuisance: her virginity that is.

Which brings me back to my love of opposites attract storylines. What better man to relieve Tasha of her problem than a playboy with no desire to fall in love and a lack of trust in the hearts of women. My hero, Jared Patterson, doesn’t easily fall in love with Tasha easy, and he fights it every step of the way. As I suspect a man would when approached with the idea of deflowering a marriage minded virgin.

I used this book to explore what a relationship between these two polar opposites would be like. How must it feel to hold onto your virginity because you were waiting for a husband, only to finally give it up to a man that doesn’t want to marry you? How hard would it be for a man that doesn’t trust women to believe in the innocence of woman who saved herself for marriage? And how would they handle the very real consequences of a sex only relationship that drastically affects their lives. I strived to write a realistic opposites attract story, and keep the magic that makes romance novels so enjoyable.

When a virgin frustrated by her nonexistent dating life asks a playboy for a one-night stand, can they really ignore their attraction after the affair?

After Tasha Smith is dumped yet again because of her virginity, she decides it’s time to stop saving herself for marriage and start dating like women in the twenty-first century. She sets out to find a man rumored to be good enough in bed to relieve her of the nuisance, but discreet enough to keep her request a secret.

Jared Patterson seems like the perfect candidate. Yet after one searing kiss, she wonders if she’ll escape a night with him unscathed. Jared’s job as a successful fitness instructor and entrepreneur has helped him keep a string of meaningless relationships from the east to the west coast. After learning the hard way that women can’t be trusted, he has no qualms going from one sex-only relationship to the next. Although Tasha is one of the few types of women he avoids—a good girl—the man in him can’t turn down her tempting offer.

What starts out as a onetime thing quickly turns into an affair neither want to stop. But when an unexpected situation drastically alters their relationship, it leaves them both asking if it was Worth the Wait.

Buy at  - B&N - All Romance eBooks - Crimson Romance

Synithia Williams has loved romance novels since reading her first one at the age of 13. It was only natural that she would begin penning her own romances soon after. It wasn’t until 2010 that she began to actively pursue her dream of becoming a published author. Her first novel, , was published by Crimson Romance in August 2012. When she isn’t writing, this Green Queen, as dubbed by the State Newspaper, works to improve air and water quality, while balancing the needs of her husband and two sons. You can learn more about Synithia, and her novel, by visiting her website, where she blogs about writing, life and relationships.

Connect with Synithia at her website - - - Goodreads


Synthia has generously offered an ebook copy of  to a lucky commenter!

To be entered just answer Synithia's question: Do you think it would be hard for a woman to save herself for marriage today and why?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 15 February 2013!

Good luck!