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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Book Review: That Filthy Book by Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae

Title: That Filthy Book 
Author: Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae
Release Date: 2 April 2012
Number of pages: 126 pages
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Source: review copy received from author
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, , , Book Depository, Read an excerpt

Grade: 5 stars

Novellus perfectus!

Top Read of 2012
Goodreads appetizer: Out of sight, out of mind. Or so I thought, but it turns out an old, dog-eared book with contents so filthy and so depraved that I’d been forced to hide it after reading, has sank deeper into my erotic subconscious than I’d ever imagined. Luckily though, Jacob is up for exploring the new side of me that has risen to the surface after all these years.

In a whirlwind of wanton adventures that push us to the limits of our sexuality, we begin to re-discover what it once was that had us screaming with pleasure and how to accept that nothing will ever be the same again between us.

Reader Advisory: This book contains bondage, BDSM and an element of dubious consent within a consensually acted out rape scenario.

Review originally posted at Book Lovers Inc.

My Thoughts: I discovered Lily Harlem thanks to her Hot Ice series, a steamy contemporary romance series about sexy hockey player heroes (you can read my review of Hired and Cross-Checked here). But as those novels range between sensual and steamy the sheer hotness of That Filthy Book took me by surprise but with the flowing narrative and deeply developed characterizations I was swept up in the whirlwind that was the story, and it became one of my favourite reads of 2012!

That Filthy Book starts with an unusual premise in erotica novels: the hero and heroine are husband and wife living in the suburbs with their two young children. They are the quintessential ordinary normal family, but then we get a glimpse into what goes on behind closed doors in their bedrooms and I dare you not to have frisson of excitement.

Jacob and Karen have been been married for more than 10 years now, have two daughters and are good and responsible parents. Actually they are just trying to resuscitate the passion in their relationship and their struggles to find the magic that made their life as a couple sizzle back in the beginning of their relationship was poignant because it sounded real and authentic, completely believable.

I stared at the way his ear curved, recalled how the lobe felt in my mouth, sweetly soft and fleshy. A wave of love consumed me. How was it possible I could care for him more than I did back then? I thought I loved him as much as I could, full to bursting with adoration and respect, yet every day, every month, each new year brought a stronger connection. God, I was so damn lucky.

With such a strong emotional connection and sound foundation for their relationship Jacob and Karen could experiment with a wide variety of sexual fantasies: from outdoor sex, to anal, from domina scene to rape fantasies everything is covered, and due to the strong love and respect they have for each other neither of these sexual acts are demeaning or offensive. To the contrary they are all amazingly exciting and blistering hot as their love and deep affection permeates every scorching scene.

“You are simply beautiful,” he said, [...]. “Thank you for being mine.”

I cannot praise Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae enough for giving us such relatable and real characters and for showing so realisticly the two facets of love and lust as base of their relationship. I enjoyed very much reading about a heroine who felt realistic, one I’m sure readers can connect with as she is an ordinary woman, a loving wife and mother, but one who wants to have passion with her husband:

I had my knight. I had my castle. I just wanted a little enhancement.
Look, if I want to have sex outside again, why shouldn’t I? The world won’t go to Hell in a handbasket if we fuck out there. Just because I’m a mother and a wife, it doesn’t mean my life has to change to the degree that I lose my identity.

Verdict: That Filthy Book is the perfect erotica: it is sexy, thrilling yet realistic and believable. I loved how it was emotional, how we witnessed the sexual re-awakening of a woman rediscovering her sensuality and their couple life and seeing all the secret fantasies women harbor: domination, spanking, rape fantasy, etc. there is everything. And every "filthy" experience was nuanced by the deep love and respect the husband and wife had for each other.

That Filthy Book became a favourite read of 2012 (and is definitely the hottest so far!) and I think it is a must read for every couple and single person who is looking for some steaminess!

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Writing: 10/10
Ending: 9/10
Cover: 5/10 - I just find it too cheap compared to the great quality of the story

Buy it:

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