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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Book Review: Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow

Title: Sweet Enemy
Author: Heather Snow
Series: Book #1 in the Veiled Seduction series
Release Date: 7 February 2012
Number of pages:
384 pages
Publisher: Signet Book
Source: review copy provided by publisher through NetGalley
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, , , Book Depository

Grade: 5 stars!

Novellus perfectus!

Top Read 2012
Goodreads appetizer: With a gaggle of husband-hunters vying for his attention, Geoffrey Wentworth, Earl of Stratford, finds Miss Liliana Claremont a notable exception. She has no desire to marry the son of the man she believes killed her father. Determined to find evidence of the crime, Liliana rouses the Earl's suspicions, as well as her own undeniable attraction to him.

This review was originally posted at Book Lovers Inc.

My Thoughts: I still remember every small detail about that time I read Sweet Enemy. I remember I started perusing the first few pages wanting to get a first taste and then getting hooked on Heather Snow’s exciting premise, fully fleshed out characterization that I just couldn’t stop reading after the first few chapters and devoured the whole book with practically no break at all. And after I have gobbled up Sweet Enemy my excitement and enthusiasm for the story, the characters and Heather Snow’s writing kept buzzing in my head in such incessant whirl that I was unable to form coherent thought. I just knew Heather Snow managed to weave a wonderfully intricate, fresh and captivating story which kept me under its spell long after I read its last page.

First of all I have to mention and praise the characters: Liliana and Geoffrey are both unique and extraordinary characters compared to other historical romance heroes/heroines. Liliana is a lady scientist, a chemist to be precise: she has an intelligent and inquisitive mind, always wondering about experiments and possible solutions. Reading about her passion and interest for the world explored through science was both marvelous and eye-opening. (I especially enjoyed how Heather Snow gave us real chemical tidbits and tricks peppered in the story.) She is a modern heroine in the best sense of the word: she is not afraid to use her mind and think, and to take charge of her own life.

And Geoffrey… It was refreshing and almost unprecedented to read about such a modern and enlightened hero: he really saw and appreciated Liliana for being the intelligent, independent and innovative, strong willed young woman that she was. He considered her a true partner, valuing her opinion and listening to her advice and suggestions. His acceptance and acknowledgement of her, a woman as an equal at such a time was wonderful. He didn't want to change her, he loved her just the way she was.

The chemistry between these two was wonderful: their initial attraction packed enough spark to intrigue them, but what developed between them was much more than physical attraction. I guess what made me fall in love with Sweet Enemy was that the hero and heroine got to know each other, and their love grew from the deep understanding and appreciation of the other’s character. Their love was sweet and deep. And wonderful to read about!

And to conclude I’ll just say that reading Sweet Enemy you would never know it was Heather Snow’s debut novel and not her 20th best seller. Her writing is exquisite, her lyrical prose enchants the reader all the while keeping them captivated by the story, the mystery, the development of the relationships.

Verdict: Sweet Enemy had everything and even more you could want from a great historical romance: a memorable hero and heroine who stand out from the crowd, beautiful evocative writing peppered with bits of wit and humour, and of course an overwhelming love story! Sweet Enemy is an even more unique story as it masterfully blends mystery and historical romance giving you a uniquely flavoured mix with just the perfect amount of sweetness and excitement.

A stellar debut for Heather Snow, I'm already counting back the days until I can read her next novel!

Plot: 8/10
Characters: 10/10
Writing: 10/10
Ending: 9/10
Cover: 8/10 - quite generic and not too relevant to the story but beautiful nonetheless

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